The Art of the Unexpected

Artistic expression and uncommon experiences are the currency of The Foundry District. Every concept, every event, and every brand is anchored by the experiential outdoor art of Foundry. Around every corner, colorful & curated pieces of outdoor art provide delightful surprises and unbeatable backdrops for memory making.

Inspiration Alley

The beating heart of Foundry is the recently-expanded Inspiration Alley. It’s the largest outdoor art gallery in Texas and was meticulously curated to showcase a diversity of styles, artists, and emotions. Designed to inspire and to be savored, Inspiration Alley truly offers a feast for the eyes.

Let Foundry Be Your Canvas
Calling all artists with a passion for the elevated and unexpected – The Foundry District is never done being a backdrop for passionate self-expression. If you have a story to tell, share it in Foundry.
Start Creating