10 Secret Bars in Fort Worth to Know — Slipping Into the Speakeasy World

Paper City | January 27


When You Want Your Cocktail Night to be a Little Underground

Speakeasies became a necessity during Prohibition. Secret backroom nightclubs served up bathtub gin and whatever else they could get their hands on. While America was officially “dry” between 1920 and 1933, the Roaring Twenties rolled right along in spite of it all as speakeasies popped up across the nation. Those in the know, knew what door to knock on and what name to drop to gain entrance.

A hundred years on, the trend is being embraced once again in Fort Worth. In a whole new way.

Some of these Fort Worth speakeasies are hidden behind secret passageways, requiring passwords, cell codes and a little ingenuity to access. Others are right out in the open. No secret knock required. Yet the throwback vibe and classy cocktails still flow.

These are some of the best kept secret bars in Fort Worth, full of Roaring Twenties speakeasy ambience:

The tasting room at Blackland Distilling serves only its house-made hooch. From bourbon and gin to rye and vodka, this small batch distillery crafts them all. No bathtub required. In fact, a distillery tour reveals some impressive state-of-the-art equipment.

One of my absolute favorite settings, this snug cocktail lounge is dimly lit, but it is sparkly with chandeliers and a ceiling-height bottle wall. The seasonal cocktail menu is inspired and executed to the nines with drinks like the Dreamsicle Fizz, strained over an orange juice ice ball. If it’s your first visit, I suggest starting with a tasting flight.