Coloring Cowtown: Murals in Fort Worth

Visit Fort Worth | January 26, 2018


Though home to one of the largest cultural districts in the nation and more than 25 museums, several notable murals are taking the limelight. Discover artistic masterpieces on the walls of familiar Fort Worth hot spots, all by simply driving by.

The Foundry District

“Inspiration Alley”

This is another Fort Worth revitalization project spearheaded by M2G Ventures. If you don’t already know them – you will. You will truly be inspired not only to take every possible selfie, but also about life in general. This alley is filled with some of the most detailed portrait pieces as well and fun and energetic still life and abstract works.

It’s the reason to get in your car and start searching out murals on a beautiful day. It features works from: WhereonDrigoGirls in TarrantJeremy Joel and Jay Wilkinson, Monica Wright and John WorleyLondon KayeJana Renee and Hillary DehoneyNathan Madrid, and, of course, my cool new mom-friend Katie Murray.

“Ground Murals”

Katie Murray became a friend during my last search through Near Southside. She has a lively and vibrant touch that she has left on our city with her many murals. The “Ground Murals” are meant to be abstract and left to the viewers perception, while still delivering her tell-tale signature of bright colors and general sense of playfulness.

How to find it: GPS M&O Station Grill you will see them.

“Cowtown Mural”

Another great piece from Katie Murray in her distinctive style but this one has a twist. This mural was done in a paint by number fashion that allowed volunteers and runners to paint portions of it themselves. It also stands to commemorate the fact that the marathon has been “running since 1979.”

How to find it: The back wall of the Cowtown Marathon building (2617 Whitmore) in the alley.