The Cowtown Spotlight

Promoting a Lifelong Love of Fitness

The Cowtown’s mission is to promote a lifelong love of fitness and, with the Cowtown Marathon being the largest multi-event road race in North Texas, it’s safe to say that they’re successful!

From Social Runs to the Trailblazer Training programs, and of course the Cowtown Marathon and all of the race types that entails, the Cowtown has something for every runner at every level.

The Cowtown isn’t just about running, though. As part of their mission, the C.A.L.F (Children’s Activities for Life and Fitness) Program was created in 2009 to help thousands of area children lace-up and cross countless finish lines. The Cowtown staff and volunteers visit schools across North Texas and train students in proper running techniques, the importance of hydration and proper nutrition and more. Not to mention their school grant program, which identifies low-income children and fits them for a new pair of running shoes, and provides grants to make entry fees for races more affordable.

The Cowtown is making a profound impact on our community, one mile at a time. The organization brings people together in a way that only running can.

“Our mural speaks volumes about how running is everywhere in our city and how we are a community.”

Heidi Swartz, The Cowtown
The 2022 Cowtown Marathon is quickly approaching! When is the last day to register?

The last day to register would be Friday, February 25th but only if there is still space available in the race distance you are wanting to run.  There are limits on each race distance and they are filling up quick!

How does the virtual Cowtown Marathon work?

If runners are unable to attend the in-person event they can register to run The Cowtown virtually.  Once they register we will ship them all of their race goodies, including a runner bib, shirt, finisher swag and a few treats.  The runner then creates their own route, runs the distance they registered and then wears their finisher medal proudly!

Tell us more about the weekly Cowtown social run!

Every Thursday, we host a social run from The Cowtown office in The Foundry District starting at 6:30pm.  It is open to the public and there is no charge.  Runners start at The Cowtown office and run a course designed by The Cowtown team.  It is a great way to get out there and run each week with a group of people and make new friends!

What is your favorite Foundry business to visit after a run?

There are so many great places! Runners take advantage of Docs Records, Maple Branch Brewery and Blackland Distillery.

Do you have a favorite piece of merchandise in the store right now?

Our favorite piece of merchandise we have flying off the shelfs right now are our really soft fleece pullovers. They come in assorted colors and it is like wrapping up in a nice fuzzy blanket.

What advice would you give someone wanting to get in to running, but are having a tough time getting started?

It is always easier to run with a few people or a group.  It creates accountability and motivation to get up on those early cold days.  Join us at a Social Run, meet some people and create a group to run together. Also, if you are brand new to running, start out slow and build up your mileage so that you don’t get injured.  We have a great training program that we offer at The Cowtown that will help you every step of the way!

It sounds like the Trailblazer’s Training Program is a great way to get started for runners to train virtually for their race of choice. What inspired the Cowtown team to create the program?

We have always wanted to offer a training program to runners but have never had the staff to manage it. When Tamara Ogle joined our team it was just meant to be. She does an amazing job working with runners year round, helping them to achieve their goals in running.

The Cowtown Marathon is a signature Fort Worth event that explores so many corners of the city. What led you to choose Foundry as your home base?

It was a great multi-use space offering warehouse, offices and retail space. That is a hard combo to find and this space was perfect. Plus, we are very close to our race venue so it was meant to be!

Cowtown has a one-of-a-kind mural in Inspiration Alley, courtesy of Katie Murray! How does this mural represent the Cowtown Marathon?

Our mural speaks volumes about how running is everywhere in our city and how we are a community.  Our mural was a paint by number that Katie designed and then the community came in and painted it.  After everyone painted their section Katie returned to add the final touches.

What are some ways for people to be involved in the race other than running?

We need lots of volunteers for our event in February but we also need volunteers year around to help us work with our C.A.L.F. Program and training program.  From working in our office to helping us out on the courses we have lots of different options.

To learn more about The Cowtown, visit and be sure to follow them on social at @thecowtown.

The 2022 Cowtown Marathon is just around the corner! There’s still time to register or volunteer. Visit their website for more information!